2011 Winner
FTHRW Golden Gateway
Series Contemporary

The D.A.'s Hidden Agenda


2012 Finalist
Georgia Romance Writers
Unpublished Series Maggies

The Russian's Unexpected Lover

2010 Finalist
Georgia Romance Writers Unpublished Series Maggies

The Boarder States DEA Taskforce: Operation Family Justice

Vanessa Moss 
Contemporary Romance Writer

My professional journey has been filled with excellent teachers and wonderful writing opportunties.  Here's a list of my most prized accomplishments!


Georgia Romance Writers
Atlanta, Georgia

Romance Writers of America


From the Heart Romance Writers




"A writer writes. If you are a writer, write."

This quote is was my inspiration to start writing.  It's something I still have posted to my computer screen three years later. 

The words are s
imple and compelling. 

What I learned is writing is hard, really hard. 

When I first started writing I didn't know the difference between show and tell, scene and sequel, protagonist and antagonist.  To say the least, I had quiet a bit to learn. 

I have surrounded myself with wonderful teachers, excellent books, and honest friends.  The learning curve was steep, but I hope the payoff is a product you as a reader find engaging and entertaining.

In my spare time, which is nonexistant, I am a wife, mother, and work full-time in the medical field. 

I hope you enjoy the stories I have written!

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